Amici Pizzeria on 367 Holloway Road has been in the area for 20ish years as the waiter told me. However, they recently re-decorated the interior with a warm, simple and modern look. My friend told me that they do a £4.99 lunch special with drink included. Since I was in the neighbourhood for a shoot, I thought to give it a go.

We went around 2PM for lunch, must be the reason why it is not so busy. The waiter let us settle a bit then when we were finally ready to order (almost the moment the menus are on the table), he took our order. He promptly arrived with drinks which was very welcome.  Then shortly afterwards, the food arrived.

I ordered Tagliatelle carbonara and my companions had a pizza each.

Everytime I eat in an Italian restaurant for the first time, I almost always eat carbonara first. In my mind, if they cannot do this simple dish well, then it is not worth a second visit. My carbonara as you can see is well presented on a clean (sauce/drip free) plate.  The waiter came back to ask whether I would like some parmesan cheese and generously sprinkled over the pasta. He also brought a bottle of olive oil for my friends’ pizzas.

What is al dente? For me, it is cooked one minute less than indicated cooking time. The pasta is firm but well cooked and not soggy. My tagliatelle is cooked bang on time . While it is almost is al dente, some of the pasta edges are soft. However, the sauce is perfect. I love the subtle flavour and the rashers aren’t too salty.

My friends enjoyed their pizza as well. It is thin and well cooked without burnt edges or topping.

The portion is just right, generous enough to fill you up without need for second helping.

At £4.99, it is a very affordable place to eat healthy.

Rating: 4/5 star

  • Restaurant Look and Feel: Great (1-star)
  • Service : Fast and Friendly (1-star)
  • Food :  Almost perfect and sauce is good (1-star)
  • Location : In shabby London high street – not a place to go to for fun (no star)
  • Price : The lunch special is VERY AFFORDABLE, why eat at McDonalds when you can eat healthy food here? (1-star)

Bottom Line: If you are in the area, it is well worth a visit.

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