Little Snowdons went to Playmobil land

Summer 2012 is one unforgettable time for the little Snowdons because of the fun time they had in Germany. Most particularly in Playmobil land.

The Playmobil Fun park is a kids’ paradise. We were able to play with all the Playmobil toys and even pose with the life-size versions (see above). Since it will take more than a day to enjoy all that’s being offered, we also booked a room to stay overnight so we can get in the park really early.

Our accommodations

Our room in Playmobil land is very nice and comfortable. It is only a stone’s throw away from the park with an underground parking. We found wonderful surprise when we went to bed in a form of a Playmobil toy character.


Aside from all the fun areas of the park, Playmobil Fun Park also have a covered area with restaurants, stage, covered playground and shop.

The Toys

Kids paradise indeed! We were able to play with most of these despite the number of children playing with them. There’s enough for everyone including the parents!


What did we think

Another day in the park will definitely ensure we tried all of the activities. The facilities are great and well maintained and there is enough distraction for the parents to enjoy themselves too. Making children play all of the Playmobil toys is a very good way for them to see whether they will love it or not and to say the truth, even us parents had lots of fun.

We will definitely come back for another visit.

Highly recommended.

Images were taken by Ghene Snowdon. Photos taken with Olympus EP3 camera