Living Room, Before & After

I hadn’t realised that I’ve not posted the before and after shots of our living room since we moved in. It has changed a lot. First, we’ve separated the living and dining room. Then we ripped off the carpet and wall paper. Painted the whole interior white and put cream tiles. We wanted something that can handle a lot of activity and there is nothing better (and easier to maintain) than the tiles.

Old living room

Old living room

We decided to keep some features like the edging of the ceiling, the retro crystal ceiling lamp. Gone are the fireplace and storage heater.  We also mixed modern and retro furniture. The chest of drawers is an original 1960’s furniture made in Ilford, London. The lampshade came with the house as well. I can’t think of a colour to update it with so for the moment so, I just fixed the fringe.



As you can see, we still have some boxes whose contents are still homeless and I still haven’t decided which walls to hang a couple of large frames as well.

This weekend, I made new curtains. I went for contrasts. I’ve always loved blue and I think bright orange goes very well with it.


I am sure in the next couple of weeks, this living room will change (only a bit this time) again. Who knows? I might feel brave enough to change the lamp shade into something   else.  Besides, I felt brave re-upholstering the sofa, why not a lampshade which is marginally smaller?

Anyway, there are still quiet a lot of work to do before I will be completely satisfied. Until next post!

Curtain fabric and pouf cover from Ikea.