We got over 15 of these gift wrapping papers from the charity shop. They won’t be able to sell any with broken packaging and since it is still useable, I took these home. I cut off about 5 inches from the end and the rest are in perfect condition! With children, wrapping paper is a must have in the house and the more abstract it is the better. These stars, stripes and spots will be good to wrap presents for my son, daughter, any of their friends and even my husband and myself. Instead of them adding to the pile of rubbish now, they will be used as intended and will be put in the recycle bin later.Oh, fourth of July and cowboy and birthday themes shouldn’t be a problem with these 🙂

The frames at the back didn’t match my colour scheme of black frame against white wall. So I got a paint sampler which cost less than £2 a pot to paint them. I am halfway there with the smaller frame painted already. The white one need a bit of sanding so I will do that this weekend. Although I asked one of my local charity shop to keep black frames for 5×7 for me, if the colour isn’t right and the material can be painted, I will still buy them.

With everything very expensive these days, you have to think out of the box.