Book Review – Miley the Stylist Fairy

Book Description: Kirsty and Rachel are in for a surprise when their fairy friends whisk them off to the Fairyland Music Festival, only for Jack Frost and his goblins to strut onto the stage! The naughty gang have stolen the Pop Star Fairies’ magical clef necklaces, and Jack Frost intends to use them to become the biggest star in the world.

The girls must help Miley the Stylist Fairy get her magic clef back, or pop stars will never look the part again!

What I think of the book : This is part of the Rainbow Magic series written by Daisy Meadows. There are lots of different stories involving fairies & goblins! This book is all about the adventures of Miley the Stylist Fairy and her friends Kirsty and Rachel. They make sure the pop stars always look their best until naughty Jack Frost stole Miley`s magical musical clef necklace. Making the pop stars clothes look wrong! I really enjoyed reading this book and I learnt that it really does not matter how you look as long as you look neat and you are happy with yourself.

Rating: I want to give this 100 stars out of 10 but my mum want me to stick to 10. So I am giving it 99 stars.

Reader Age: 7 years old

Miley the Stylist Fairy (Rainbow Magic)
Price: £3.55