Lego City Alarm Review

Lego City AlarmProduct name: Lego City Alarm

User Age: 6+

Description: Lego City Alarm is about policemen with a helicopter trying to catch the robbers who wants to steal the money. There are 11 buildings in the game, 4 robbers and 2 policemen. The robbers are given a chance to steal at least 12 pieces of money to win the game. The policemen have to catch the robbers when its your turn and if it’s the robbers turn to roll the dice there’s a helicopter picture that means if the robber had the helicopter to move to wherever they want to go. There is a train station that is a white block and you can go anywhere on the board.


Ease of use: It is really easy to play with and it is very well-built. The designs are very good too.You can have a really good game with your friends.

Quality: The buildings are very well-built and I think it will last a long time for me. What do you think?

Value of money: The pieces are very modular and you can use it in other Lego sets or kits to build things with and/or if you lost the other pieces. If you lost some of the pieces you can always use the rest for something else.


  • It has a nice design on the policemen and the robbers.
  • There’s a good number of people in the game.
  • There is a nice size of the area.


  • There could be more amount of buildings.
  • There could be more people in the game to make it greater.
  • There could be more dead ends on the game to make it harder.

Price: £13.66

I already have my set to play with. I am now combining kits to build a bigger city for a more exciting game.