Lost/Stolen Kindle

I had my Kindle stolen yesterday along with my handbag. It’s in the same pouch as in the picture below.

I’ve searched online for ways to get it back but there aren’t a lot of help available. But there are things a Kindle owner can do to make it easier for their devices to be identified (And hopefully returned to them).

1. DO NOT DEREGISTER YOUR KINDLE! Just take your payment details off your Amazon account so no one can buy books in your name. If you deregister your device, it makes it possible for the thief to register the device in their own account. So keeping it registered to you makes it somewhat useless. They will be forced to read the stuff you have there.

2. SEND A DOCUMENT WITH YOUR CONTACT DETAIL IF LOST. Yes, you can stick something on the device but those can be removed. Whereas if your device have your contact details, you’ve just made it possible to have it returned to you. I sent something like this to my Kindle (this is how it looks like on my Kindle App on my phone). Sure they can archive the document but it will still be there.

3. HAVE AMAZON TO BLACKLIST IT. If you contact Amazon, they will blacklist your device. So do this only after a couple of days. This way, you gave the person who have it to see the document with your details and contact you. After the device is blacklisted, the person who have the Kindle will then be unable to open any content or books on the device. And by chance, if the device is found & returned to you, you can contact Amazon again to have it reinstated.

Chat with an Amazon customer service.

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