Science Project | 3D Animal Cell

My son came home with a science homework he doesn’t want to talk about as he doesn’t know where to start it. Although one of my hopes as a parent is for him to be independent, free thinking and so on which is true for some things, but for this I thought he needed a boost.

As I always say to them .. “Ask and I’ll show you the way” which sometimes translate to “Google is your friend”.
So here’s what we did.

  • First, I asked him what an animal/plant cell is, made him draw it as well as list the parts.
  • Then we looked online for the images, inspirations and possible materials we can use.
  • When he chose what he wanted to do, I asked him to make a list of materials
  • As I love making things, we rummaged through my stash of craft materials and found bits & pieces to use. Those we don’t have, we found in the shop.
  • As the sphere we used is a tad expensive & tricky to cut, I did that bit.
  • He then spray painted it
  • He prepared the clay & the other bits & pieces whilst talking about their characteristics.
  • Lastly it is a matter of putting the parts where he wanted and securing them.

We used, modelling clay, dry sphere, eyelets, pins, buttons, styrofoam sphere, spray paints and we recycled a plastic container and used it as a stand. He texted me after he gave it to his teacher to say she loves it…

I got a nice thank you from him which made up for all the clearing up I did afterwards.