Spring feeling

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe sun finally made it’s appearance in London! And the best thing to do to start the new season is to clean up. After being stuck during winter did you notice the top parts of the kitchen furniture/appliance to be sticky? A while ago, I often hate cleaning that bit. It is very frustrating and using the scrub and soap doesn’t seem to help. When we were renovating, I discovered sugar soap. It is really cheap, odourless and very efficient in getting rid of everything greasy on many surfaces. So armed with a pair of gloves (a must when using this product), a piece of cloth and the sugar soap, I got rid of the remainders of winter. You can find this product from DIY shops like Wicks.


I am slowly adding framed pictures on this wall, the most recent is the one of my husband when he graduated his doctorate degree. There are now several frames waiting  for the pictures in the house as I keep on finding nice ones second hand from the charity shop.

Duck Egg Blue Sofa

Also, the shelf in the hallway was the old DVD shelf we used. Instead of throwing it away, I put it in the hall and stored all the books that I am selling on Amazon.  I do not know what to do with the other shelf though. There isn’t any space left to put it.

Ikea Shelves

We installed two of these, one on each side of the old fireplace. It now stored all the DVDs and magazines.  These are my stuff. The only permanent display are the cameras. All the rest depends on the mood it seems. 🙂

And below is the riot in the back garden.

Garden flowers