Tasks in Charts

I’ve just update my children’s task chart and I think they are ready for independence lessons like learning to cook simple meals and folding their own clothes.

I’ve also kept the performance bonus & fines to reward their hard work as well as letting them know what happens when they don’t do well. They’re too big for stickers so their weekly allowance gets hit.

There is a reason why I am teaching them simple cooking lessons. Twice a week, my husband and I do not eat. And when I prepare dinner for the children, I get really tempted to nibble here and there so in the end the fast days wouldn’t work. By letting them cook their own food, they will learn a skill and I will keep to my fast day diet. Easy meals do not need to be unhealthy. My kids are taught cutting, seasoning, steam cooking and using the oven. I don’t trust them with the stove yet so it should be fun looking for easy recipes for them.

So this easter holiday should be the perfect time to implement these changes. Should be an interesting week for us all 🙂