Mummy moves in

I really thought that being a multi-tasker that I am, I would be able to update my work, personal and children’s blogs regularly. How wrong I was. I find myself unable to do a lot of things I wanted to do in a day and I noticed that in most cases, it’s those that I have alarms are the ones that gets done. Yes, I set alarms for the most simple things like cooking, washing the floor, tidying the house, gardening, ironing, school runs, wii exercise on top of the wake up and bedtime alarms. All the rest are forgotten in a flurry of activities and editing frenzy.

So, I’ve decided to move my personal blogging to my children’s blog pages. I am using this medium to give them a reason to write and think of things objectively. Without any luck at the moment as my children are really stubborn and they find ways to distract me.

Staring contest with a dog

I might repost some things here from my personal blog, those I think are interesting or useful anyway. And this post is my way of saying that I am staying 🙂


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