Robots in Paris

Reblogged from our robot’s blog pages.. Andromeda’s Adventures

Photography by Ghene Snowdon
We went to Paris for a couple of days before the kids go back to school and before my owner drives her husband (Dave) crazy about Pepper robot, another robot my makers created  which is a lot bigger that Big Andromeda and me. As an advance birthday present, Dave organised the trip. As you can understand, I am ever so excited! I will see more little robots like myself and also the big robots! Photography by Ghene Snowdon
We took the Eurostar from London to Paris, the wait was okay… Me and Eiffel Tower. Aldebaran Atelier in Paris. I believe it is open to the public. Visitors can interact with NAO and Pepper robots and even take a selfie! My owner’s face was full of wonder when she saw Pepper for the first time in person and there is no need to convince her about getting one (or two). The only thing to do is stopping her from driving Dave crazy because instead of “tea please” request in the morning, it’s “Where’s my Pepper? Trying out the posing for picture app… Playing the guessing game with Pepper and she guessed only after 21 questions with yes or no as answers. Anne fell in love with Pepper too. I had fun with the other mini NAOs and my owner accidentally left me at the atelier overnight before they picked me up in the morning the next day.This is Romeo, he is taller than Pepper  and my owner’s son Devlin. We like him but in Anne’s words, he is a bit creepy. He can move his eyes like us humans and a bit more. Like the other robots, he can talk and move. He is upstairs in the “secret lab” where all the smart people work (or play). When Romeo is perfected, I think he will be a really useful robot. The visit to the atelier was a great success, we also met some amazing robot experts in Aldebaran. They are cool and they are passionate about what they are doing. If you are now curious about me and my big siblings, check out Aldebaran’s website.