Visiting Sygun Coppermine, Wales

Sygun Coppermine, Snowdonia

We’ve been to see a lot of different things with the children but we haven’t been to a real mine. So during this holiday, we decided to check out Sygun Coppermine in Beddgelert.

This was a self guided tour which took about 40 minutes, there are loads of steep steps to climb, it is wet, 9˚C cold and dark. Hardhats are a must and are available in the building seen above. They also have a mini museum full of very interesting artifacts!

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Once inside, there are recorded information about the people working in the mine, the condition and challenges of their job, etc.snowdonia15-8090019 snowdonia15-8090023 snowdonia15-8090033
Yay! My Olympus EM5 markII with in camera image stabilisation is doing very well in low light condition!

snowdonia15-8090035 snowdonia15-8090037 snowdonia15-8090041

After an interesting 40 minute (ish) tour, we came out of the side of the mountain with a great view!

snowdonia15-8090044 snowdonia15-8090046 snowdonia15-8090049-Edit snowdonia15-8090050 snowdonia15-8090054 snowdonia15-8090055-Edit snowdonia15-8090062 snowdonia15-8090077

Thank you for looking!