I love my 3d printer ;)

10months ago, someone posted on Mashable that they are disappointed with the New Matter 3d printer. Well, I was a bit disappointed too then. But being a supporter of new technologies specially the crowdfunded ones, my husband and I learnt to give companies like them some time to improve software and support. Technologies are not that quick to develop when everything depends on available funds. If I have that amount of money, I would support a lot of stuff many people would consider crazy! The world is where it is at today thanks to those brave souls previous critics would consider a bit mental. 😉

Anyway back to my blogpost, I love my 3d printer! New Matter is an affordable printer designed for mere mortals like myself who loves to make stuff. The printer was launched with basic features but they recently updated the (internet-based) software so now I can do more stuff that I wasn’t able to do about a year ago. Those features are 1. to be able adjust the temperature so it will melt the filament to get the best result (yup, I’ve discovered that filaments melt at different temperatures) 2. to be able to increase or decrease the size of my 3d model to print and 3. to be able to flip the models to best fit the available printing space 4. to be able to add or not supports to my print and last but not least 5. to be able to sort my design library in alphabetical order for easy searching…

You don’t need sophisticated stuff with this, you make your 3d models via softwares like Blender, sketch-up or even photoshop and upload them to your New Matter library then print it! Simple! You also have an option to sell your original creations via their shop.

I am one of the most impatient person ever (ask my husband!) However, I am always fascinated watching what I designed coming to life! The only time that I want to destroy my printer was the time when it got stuck for the first time which was where a New Matter engineer came to my printer’s rescue!

A box of printed stuff for the shop :)

A box of printed stuff for the shop 🙂

Customer service wise, they’re great! A Skype call with one of their engineers to show me how to fix the stuck filament problem and no need to call them again! And considering the time difference, well, they earned one loyal client in me.

There are a lot of 3d printers available nowadays and it depends on what you need it for as well as what you can afford. Since I am not that good at 3d design (yet or might never be), starting with something as affordable, low maintenance and well designed printer like this is perfect!

Now the next problem with a perfectly working printer is…. where do I store ALL the filaments??? 😉

Thanks New Matter for a great product and excellent service!