M1 & M2’s Ramen dinner

Packaged ramens aren’t healthy but it did keep a lot of students alive during the course of their studies (hubby included) so I think it’s only fair to show the kids how to make one without making it soggy.

Ramen in a pack

M1 & M2 chose their fave flavours and each spent time boiling the exact amount of water, setting the timer on to cook at exact amount of time… And making sure they are following the instructions to the letter.

Cooking ramen

Setting the time

Ramen instructions

With that done without mishap, I think they are set for university life.


It looks pretty good once served in a bowl, it could do with some meat and vegetables but that’s for another time, when I find a recipe that taste good and I like the look of. This could be a start of my ramen adventure! 😁

If you’ve got some ramen recipes you’d like to share, please do share it in the comments (just the name of the dish or a link or a picture will do). Cheers!