Cooking with Hello Fresh

Many of the food featured here are from HelloFresh. I’ve been a fan ever since they knocked on my door ages ago. We consider the meals as experiments, a different way to discover something new to eat. Hello Fresh since introduced my family to at least 3 most favourite dishes. These gets cooked again at least 3 times a month. Also, with their easy to follow recipes, even the kids can prepare dinner. Every week, you have 8 different recipes to choose from and you can also opt in for vegetarian food or chef’s choice or easy, etc. Then your recipe choices for the week will be reflected on your opt-in (can do this in the Account page).

Hello Fresh run on a flexible subscription basis which I find very practical. The system is great for when you are away on holiday or for when finances are a bit tough, you can skip deliveries for that week or for several consecutive weeks.

So, I’ve just been given a chance to give a Hello Fresh box to four lucky people in the UK. All you need to do is follow me on any of my social media accounts and leave comment here. I will randomly choose the 4 winners on Sunday the 16th of July. Please remember to use your valid email address, it will not be published but I will be able to contact you if you are chosen. HelloFresh will then contact you via your email to ask you where to send your free box.

One more thing, I do not send newsletters with “updates” so I do not collect email addresses.

Good luck and see you again soon!

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