Diy potting table

This week, we demolished my leaky greenhouse and set up a mini greenhouse. So now, I have nowhere to do my potting.

I looked online for options, there are a lot of potting tables/benches available online, they range from £20 to £300. Some looks okay and others look like they are going to collapse as soon as I store the bags of compost. Below are a couple of examples of what’s available.

Potting Bench £28.99
Garden Table with zinc plated surface £178.60

I really like the Garden table at £178. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey so, I told my husband that I will make one. It doesn’t look too complicated, right?

Well, it so happens that I am a fan of Ana White. She and her husband share their furniture projects with detailed plans, lists and instructions online. They posted a detailed potting table a while back and I’ve decided to make one.

Here’s the Simple Potting Bench instructions.

Building something isn’t always cheap. This potting table is definitely not £30, the wood alone are worth more than that. Making it was a lot of fun, I also love how it turned out complely finished and painted in bright yellow.

If you’re tempted to make something, don’t delay and try it.