How to keep the shower glass clear

Living in an area with hard water means that you have to keep an eye on your appliances and to use special products to keep things from degrading. Hard water is water with high mineral content. Hard water can cause a build-up calcification in showers and faucets and the formation of lime scale in kettles, water heater, washing machines and dishwashers to name a few…

For a while I have struggled to keep my shower looking clean. The bane of my housekeeping is the dried up lime scale sticking to the glass, to the shower head, tiles, etc. Sometimes, I can’t be bothered to scrub it off knowing that it will be back the next time someone uses the shower.

I tend to economise and use cheaper brands and many of the cheaper limescale removers from shops own brands are not very effective as you need to clean multiple times to get a satisfactory result. The vinegar and lemon/lime solutions are too mild. So I succumbed to buying something dearer like the Viakal limescale remover. Since I let the limescale build up in the shower, I had to apply it twice. Spray, spread, spray again, let it do its magic then scrub and rinse.

Once I am happy with the result, I wiped it dry then applied the HG shower shield. This product is currently available as an add-on item for £1 only. On its own, it is £8.60 . Is it worth it? Yes it is!

What does the HG Shower Shield do? Well, it protects the glass from limescale and other residue build-up. If done right, the water will just run off the glass and not leave a streak.

Just follow the instructions on the back, use gloves and face mask since it may be too strong or just open the windows. All the effort is well worth it. And after the hard graft, it’s easy maintenance. You only need to do the full clean and shield every few months and not every week!

I hope you find this useful 🙂 Thanks for visiting!