Repelling Cats from the garden

I love mucking about in my garden, I have edible plants out there and I would really like them to stay safe for consumption. Plus, I have a lot of small birds visiting my garden. And the one thing that really annoys me are the neighbour’s cat fouling. My hubby has had enough picking up cat poo too, so we are devising ways to use tech to repel the cats, there are some basic motion sensor systems available but they are not that sophisticated yet.  I’ve also been on a look-out for an effective way to repel them from my turf, and there is a lot of information online about it. Many of them, I tried already. The average cat has 40 times more odour cells than us and so there are certain odour that they will find unpleasant.

There are only two things that will keep the cats from the vegetable patch.

  1. Fence it off and cover the top with netting until the vegetables have grown to cover the area.
  2. Cover every single ground space – I used old bricks, rocks, twigs, etc. 

However, the success of keeping them our of my vegetable patch made them move to my lawn.

Here are the things that I’ve tried…

  • Lavender and Rosemary

I’ve planted “smelly plants” like lavender and rosemary, they smell nice specially when it is breezy. It did not work. Maybe if I plant a whole row of them instead of 2 rosemary bushes and 6 healthy lavenders.

  • Electronic Cat Repeller 

You can find these ultrasonic solar powered/electronic devices everywhere but it really does not work. It makes annoying high pitch sound (which my hubby cannot hear but I can) that does not even bother the cats. Plus it can be triggered by just about anything! A complete waste of money I think.

  • Lemon trees

I’ve heard somewhere that cats do not like lime and lemon smell so I got lemon trees in the garden. It failed. They just walked past it. I must say though, lemon trees are very good at repelling mosquitoes.

  • Cat Repellant Spray

These things are stinky and it also keeps the birds away. If you are in the UK, you need to re-apply every time it rains so it will also cost you a lot.

  • Adopt a FOX

I love foxes and one time one stayed in my garden and marked it, the cat didn’t visit for over 3 months. That was bliss, I wish he would come back.

  • Cinnamon, Rosemary and Lavender with Tangerine essential oil

This is reasonably effective but requires more work and I cannot bear wasting the essential oils when I have a better use for them. If you want to try these yourself, the recipe is here.

  • Urinate in your garden

This was suggested by a friend and I must confess I don’t think I will try it as the stench will put me off too.

  • Garlic Spray

I was told by an old neighbour that crushed garlic and water spray works and it did for over 2 weeks! Reapply every time it rains. This is a cheaper solution too! A bulb of garlic is only 30p plus around 2 pints water should last a couple of applications.

If you have other cat repellent solutions I haven’t tried yet, please do let me know in the comments. Thanks!

PS: As I was writing this post, I saw this video of the motion sensor sprinkler system… These are not smart enough to distinguish the sizes yet but it should be good enough to keep the turf poo-free AND for the pranking potential. Yes, I’ve ordered one of them already and I can’t wait to try it out.


 The good thing is it’s currently on special offer at £43.95 on Amazon!

 Here is a solar powered one. It does not have any reviews yet so, try at your own risk…. It is currently selling (special offer) for £46.99 from Amazon

 This is only £20 on Amazon, the cheapest I saw (I did not go overboard window shopping)