In my previous post about repelling cats, I did not include the motion-activated deterrents like this ScareCrow as I haven’t tried it then.

And since, I succumbed and got one to try especially when there’s a couple of special offers available. What it does is spray water when the sensor is triggered. I have a quick video to show how it works. My son wasn’t pleased but hey ho 🙂 Will have to try it with my daughter soon. It is easy to install and the instructions are easy to follow.

So, the sensor is okay, it detects some movement and it triggers a burst of water. It also ignores movements made by the plants close to the wall. The spray reaches the corner of the grass where the cats love to have dump.

What needs improvement is the trigger. It turns around and does not reset to the front after it sprays. It stops where it stopped and if triggered again, it will continue the next 180˚ (ish) turn.

The low level sensor also means that I can hang my laundry and it won’t get soaked because it triggered the device.

Let’s see if it’s effective when I check out the garden next week.

Update: This is the most effective deterrent I’ve had. It’s only nemesis is the hardwater.