One of the things we really enjoyed in the Philippines was our Whaleshark adventure. It was a sunny, yet windy day and the sea was a bit rough. My daughter wasn’t a very confident swimmer but she still donned the lifejacket and went into the water. You can see us at 1:24 where we were holding on tight so we are out of the whale shark’s way. It was pretty close. It was an experience we want to repeat soon. It took me a while to upload a video but finally, here’s a short clip from one of our cameras.

This whale watching adventure was in Oslob, Cebu. Around 3-4hours drive from the island’s capital. Long distance bus services are available and I think it was around 150pesos. To get there, go to Cebu South Bus Terminal (via taxi if you don’t know the way). The terminal is beside Elizabeth Mall, or E Mall, as the locals call it. Destination sign boards are well displayed. If you want to be sure, the guards and staffs are friendly and will be more than happy to offer assistance. For our trip, we had the hotel in Oslob come to pick us up from the port which cost about 4,000pesos.

Oslob should take advantage of this influx of tourists and support businesses that will keep tourists stay for a couple more days. It’d be great if we had access to cash via more ATM machines that accept international cards, have independent restaurants, activity centers, more (and better) street food stalls, etc. The local government should also create transport links to other “touristic” areas and back with clear instructions, pricing, and safety precautions. Vehicles on their last leg, for example, should not be allowed to transport people because it is too dangerous.

So, if you’re planning to visit Oslob, plan it well. Good luck and have fun.
Thanks for watching!