6 Places to visit when it rains on the French Riviera

After a long wet and cold winter, we decided to go to France for some much needed sun during the easter break. I forgot that even the sunniest place in France get an occasional deluge. And for our trip, it was a deluge. It made me think of activities to do when the sun decides to hide behind the clouds and bring in the rain.

Here’s six places you can visit when it rains on your holiday on the French Riviera.

  1. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

    This place is a great place to see whatever the weather. There are a lot of amazing collections and displays to look at especially the aquariums.

  2. Parc Phoenix in Nice

    Parc Phoenix just outside of Nice airport is another great place to be on the Riviera specially when you have children to entertain. The main area is covered but with an umbrella, the outdoors is not bad either as you are still protected from the strong wind which usually comes with the rain in this region. The only food available are from a tent outside so, I recommend visiting before or after lunch and bring some snacks.

  3. Cannes Old Town and Port

    Cannes is a busy seaside town all year round and it is also a great place to visit even when it rains. The colours are more vibrant and streets clean & empty. We strolled up the old town and the only people out were tourists! Afterwards, a stroll to the commercial area where you’ll find a great variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.  And if it’s not too windy, a stroll on the promenade is enjoyable as you won’t have to play dodgeball with the locals.

  4. Haut de Cagnes village and castle (Cagnes sur Mer)

    Sorry for the poor photo, I did not have my telephoto lens with me when the opportunity to photograph the village from afar arose.

    Haut de Cagnes Village and Castle may be small but it is perfectly formed. I highly recommend visiting this one instead of going to Eze village on a rainy day. Here, the small streets are well irrigated, the rain water do not come rushing at you like a river, nor the roof act like faucets. The village streets are quiet, the facades of a lot of the houses are very nice and photogenic. You can go in the old Grimaldi Castle for a tour and even access the tower with an amazing view of the coast. There are shops and restaurant on the square in the village with a view of the Alps.

  5. Antibes Old Town + Picasso Museum

    Antibes Old Town is my favourite place to be, I lived here for years before moving to London. It is a very interesting place rain or shine. You have unlimited access to a couple of sandy beaches, gorgeous little streets, quirky shops to discover and an array of restaurants to try. The Fort Carree and the port is a great place for a stroll too. This is also the home of the Picasso Museum.

  6. Verrerie de Biot

    The Verrerie de Biot is another place to visit when it rains. Watching the glassblowers make something fragile and beautiful is fascinating. For a small fee, you can book for a one to one tutor where you can blow your own glass vase. Mine came out really pretty and big! They also have an exhibit with works from glass artists from all over the world and their shop is full of original creations for the home. Great place to find that souvenir to bring home.

    Where to stay: There are a lot of accommodation options here from hotels to AirBnB.
    Car Hire: To be able to visit a lot of places, it is best to hire a small car.  I highly recommend Truche Location.

    Traffic is usually slow when the weather is bad but a lot of the places will not be very busy since visitors as well as locals tend to stay in. Also, some coastal roads may be closed due for safety.

What do you think of these six places to visit on the Cote d’Azur? Have you been to any of them? Let us know in the comments below.