Flic, the magic button

One shouldn’t shy away from technology, at it’s best, it makes our lives easy. On occasion we see that some people do take advantage and use it for their nefarious deeds. But hey, the more informed we are, the better we can protect ourselves.

When my  husband gave me a Pebble smart watch, my favourite app was the SOS emergency button. The advantage with that one was, I don’t have to look for my phone if I need assistance, I just need to press the pre-assigned button on my watch. If I was out and about, I always set it. It gave me some comfort knowing that if something happens, my husband will receive via text my exact location. Unfortunately, that app was discontinued.

That same functionality is available on the iphone, I do not know about android phones.  If you press the sleep/wake (on/off) button on the iphone five times, you will be able to send your location to the emergency services. How effective is that? I have no idea.

When I got my Flic button, this functionality wasn’t yet available. I initially used it to play tricks on my children setting it to make my phone fart loudly, to find my phone and to play my fave playlist. So I am ecstatic when they added that functionality. First, what is a Flic? Well, I like to think it is a magic button. You can configure it to do a lot of things. You can order Uber, turn your lights (Philips Hue, IKEA Tradfri, LIFX), snooze alarms, make you phone fart, find your phone (by making it ring), you can share location, to name just a few…

One press of my Flic, my husband and anyone I add will receive a text with my last known location on the map. For that alone, the $35 price tag is worth it.

Here’s the page where they listed everything you can do with the Flic.