Lake District | Lowther Castle

A story of fortune and ruin… this is what happened to this once magnificent and still impressive building.

Lowther Castle before the ruin…

Built at the turn of the 19th century by the first Earl of Lonsdale, on the site of two previous houses, the castle was a grand affair boasting a room for every day of the year. Its gardens were the envy of the north. However, 130 years later, the fifth Earl of Lonsdale spent his way through the vast fortune. Then, in 1957 the castle was demolished.

Silverware display…
Lowther Castle now…

We did not know this place existed until we picked up a leaflet. Intrigued, we drove from Windermere to Penrith to check it out. It now boasts a gorgeous garden, cycle paths and a huge variety of events and acitivities.

Path to the Lost Castle…
Lost Castle
Family selfie

Lowther Castle website

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