Lake District | Wray Castle & Brockhole Centre

Wray Castle. Freshly rested from our long drive, we decided to visit the quirky Victorian neo-gothic Wray Castle across the lake. We drove to nearby Ambleside Pier and took a boat ride to the castle.

Boat bus from Ambleside Pier.

It is also a perfect opportunity to have a look around.

Boat garage on the shore..
Wray Castle

Wray Castle is a National Trust owned family friendly mock-Gothic castle on the shores of Lake Windermere with turrets, towers and informal grounds. Surprisingly this building was a retirement home for two people. It was built in 1840 for Dr James Dawson.
Apparently, when Beatrix Potter was 16, her parents rented the castle and entertained many eminent guests there.

View from one of the rooms…
Wray Castle ceiling
Door to the Faraday room
Ceiling in what is now the shop
Sitting room
M1 in Wray Castle
Brockhole Visitor Centre

Brockhole on Windermere.
On our way back from the castle, one of the boat stops is Brockhole Visitor Centre. Since we haven’t had lunch yet, we decided to check this place out. And we were not disappointed. The place is gorgeous and there are lots of things for the children to do. After our lunch, we only had enough time to explore and do some archery… They heavens may have opened but that did not stop us from our fun.

Soggy monsters
Tree top adventures

One of the most visible activities there was the tree-top courses. It was pretty impressive.
We can’t stay long as we are wet and need to get dry quickly. Can’t ruin the rest of the summer holiday on the first day 😛

Wray Castle website
Brockhole on Windermere