Spectrum Noir markers review

If you’re just starting out as an artist and you want to use markers as your medium but all the markers you seem to find are just so expensive. Well, I got just the markers for you! Spectrum Noir markers are alcohol-based markers that the have nibs on both sides of the pen – one is a bullet tip and the other is a chisel tip. They go onto pages very smoothly however depending on which paper you use they can bleed but you can put a thick piece of paper between the pages to avoid them bleeding onto the next page. Although being cheap the pigments of the pens are of lovely shades unfortunately, some of the markers’ colours can be quite inaccurate as some of them look like one colour but they’re a different colour so it’s most recommended to always test them before putting them onto an artwork. Lastly, from personal experience they can be extremely hard to open sometimes you even pull the nib off along with the lid to reveal the ink barrel.

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