The Amazing Chocolate Workshop

There’s this pop-up shop in Westfield Stratford with quirky chocolates, they just opened there 3 days ago. Unique and quirky things will always catch my attention and having stumbled on this little stand, I was over the moon! So we checked everything out and I was told that for some of their creations, they use the actual mould that’s used to make things.. ie, nuts and bolts… Some of their makes really look the part, some don’t. The chocolate is as expected a bit hard to of course keep the shape and not too sweet. These are also sold in gift boxes. I think these will make great gifts for men who like tinkering. It’s fun and different and those rusty pairs of pliers really look the part. The staff are really helpful and friendly, serving with a big smile on their face.

Their sounds pretty awesome too (please go to their website or FB to read it). Starting small, going to craft fairs… It’s inspiring!

Here are their social media accounts to follow.

Facebook : Amazingchocolateworkshop

Instagram: @chocolateworkshop


Note: I am genuinely thrilled at finding this shop, this is not a paid/sponsored review. 

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