5 things to do on a summer holiday weekend in London

It looks like we are going to have some dry weather in London this weekend. So if you’re fed up cooped up with the children because of the weather, get out there and enjoy some sunshine and the best places London has to offer.

Natural History Museum

Blue Whale at Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is an excellent place to take the children in London. Since mine are teenagers already and we’ve seen the permanent collections many times already, we only visit if there’s a new and interesting exhibit around. Until January 2020, the Moon will be available to visit for free. It is right in front of the Dinosaur exhibit. 🙂 Of course, if you’re not too tired, the V&A and the Science Museum are just next door. Although these museums have cafés on site, I think a lovely meal or cakes at L’Eto which is only a quick walk away is much better as you are away from the crowd and the food is very good.

The moon and the boy.
Photography by Ghene Snowdon
Cake selection at L’Eto

Westminster Abbey & St James Park

© Dean and Chapter of Westminster

Once every week, the abbey is open for free for worshippers and those who want to experience the magnificence of this centuries old building. There are several sevices to choose from, it is up to you whether you come for the 8AM service or the lastest one or any in between. The abbey have a no photography policy but they have pictures on their website you can use it you want to share your experience. Afterwhich, a gentle stroll at the St James’s park away from the visiting crowd. Westminster Abbey website.

Buckingham Palace State Rooms

After the State Rooms visit, you can take pictures again.

The official residence of the Queen is open to the public between July and Sepetember. The Royal Day Out package will allow you to view the State Rooms, the Mews and the Queen’s Gallery. All of this will take about 4 hours. I visited twice before and there’s always something new to see. To book your tickets, visit the Royal Collection.

The Royal Mews
Leonardo daVinci at the Queen’s Gallery

Portobello Market

Portobello Market

Portobello Market is one of the busiest in London, it is vibrant and full of interesting shops and characters you’ll never really know what to expect. Some days it is absolutely packed so it’s better to come early specially when you are visiting with your children.

Roof Garden on 120 Fenchurch Street

Photography by Ghene Snowdon

Views from a mid height building rooftop in London for free? What’s not to like? A short trek from Bank Station, passing some interesting buidings, the roof garden of 120 Fenchurch Street is a refreshing place to enjoy a couple of hours on a Sunday. Although it offers a 360˚ view, the northern side is a close up of some well known buildings like the Gherkin.

Which one would you like to visit? Have you got a favourite place in London? Tell us in the comments.