Finding Hiro

A dog needs a forever home. This is what my family believe in. Ever since the children were young, the topic of getting a dog would pop up and I would always veto the idea, even when my children plead for it. To be responsible for another life is not an easy task. A dog is not only for Christmas but for life. So I want to be sure my children can take responsibility of that

Despite vetoing their requests, I still looked around pet shelters for a suitable one to adopt. I made sure that my children understand the responsibilities of owning a pet. Am I too strict? I don’t think so, I am just making sure that the dog we will have will be loved and accepted with open arms and hearts.

How did we find Hiro? Well, at first we had a long list of preferred breeds, I like a labrador/golden retriever breed the most as they are easy to train, though my list also includes a husky and malamute. My husband likes a German Shepherd or a Border Collie and the children have different choices. This want for different dogs went on for years since those I found in shelters are not compatible with a family with children.

I never thought about having an Akita at first because I thought it’s going to be difficult to find them in shelters since a puppy Akita is very expensive. Then I found one in a shelter. I like him so I looked for more information, then applied. We did not get him. However, the more we read about the breed, the more we like them.

So came summer 2019, we contacted several shelters and unfortunately, our choices went to other homes or are not compatible with us. We were about to stop searching until I tried looking at Facebook groups for the breeds we like. There I found the Japanese Akita Welfare Trust. I joined and checked their website and lo and behold, our Hiro is there, looking for a home. He’s young and full of energy. I contacted them, completed some forms, had a chat on the phone and even a home visit. Like a whirlwind romance, it was sudden. After completing the final request of the charity (increase fence height, etc…) we drove all the way to Manchester from London to pick him up.

Boy, I thought he was a big puppy, it didn’t occur to me that he was a 100 lbs puppy. Of course, I fell in love with him.

For an update on his adventures, please follow him on instagram. @hiro.snowdon