Woodford Craft Market

It’s almost a year since I volunteered to organise the Woodford Craft Market for St Mary’s Church and the Memorial Hall. It is my way of paying forward to the local community who welcomed me when I first moved here.

Woodford Craft Market is first and foremost to help raise funds for the church and the hall. They need it to maintain and repair these places so it is available for the local community to use. Second, it promotes local designers & makers and provide a platform for them to showcase their handmade creations, myself included. Last but not the least, it is an event the local community can attend to socialise, meet their friends for a cheap cup of tea/coffee, it is somewhere crafty locals can come and get inspiration from other creatives, and it is somewhere to find unique, well crafted gifts with the feel good factor of supporting local businesses.

Friandise, local chocolate shop owner with her shop on George Lane.

This year, I only have 3 dates confirmed for this, the 23rd of February, the 18th of May and 30th of November. I am still thinking about an Autumn event.

So, if you’re into unique and beautifully crafted items whether it’s a home decoration, a fashion accessory, a beauty product or even delicious food, come and visit our market. Since we will be celebrating our first year, there will be a nice bottle of bubbly to win. 😉