Bay Christmas Wreath

I thought I’d make a very green 🙂 Christmas wreath this year. I decided to not buy anything and only used recycled and available materials. Since the bay tree needed trimming, why not use it? It’s green, it dries nicely and it also smells great!

You need:


  1. Start by creating bunches of leaves enough to cover the wire ring. Use the floral wire and tape.
Bunch of bay leaves

2. When you have enough, attach it to the wire base, securing it on two areas so it does not move. Start from the outer wire in one direction. When done, continue on the inner wire. Make sure you don’t leave any gap.

3. Attach some floral wire on the baubles.

small baubles

4. Secure the baubles around your wreath. Put as much as or as little as you want.

5. Attach a ribbon so you can hang it! Or not and just put your wreath on your shelf or your mantlepiece.

On my front door…

Did you know…

Bay tree or Laurus nobilis symbolises courage and strength was also treasured by the Romans, who wore sprigs of Bay as crowns to represent their high status and glory. They also believed that lightning would avoid any area where a bay tree was planted. Emperor Tiberius would wear a crown of bay leaves whenever it rained to avoid being struck by lightning.

In the 17th century, it is believed to ward demons and witches.

In Christianity, the bay tree symbolises Christ’s resurrection. It also symbolises fame, prosperity, and honour.

Anyway, bay leaves are great for cooking, makes nice tea and smells nice. What’s not to like?