Halloween 2020

This year, Halloween is drastically different from the previous years… Facing a pandemic of global proportions, the only thing we can do is adapt so we can continue allowing the children to experience a bit of fun safely. So in our house, instead of decorating and giving sweets personally, we kept our door closed and created a little devil to dispense sweets to visiting monsters.

Photography by @snowdonphoto

He is made using a shoe box, 3d printed horns and a pair of large googly eyes. He is then mounted on a stack of empty filament spools. I initially wanted to do the “push to dispense” type box but that seemed too complicated and “fragile” in the hands of little monsters.

The only tricky bit for this project is making the drawer mouth, which I basically just hot glued together. Cut a pair of fangs and painted them.

The smiling skeleton came from Tiger.

And it worked! We know little monsters lurked around because Hiro, our dog warns us and we hear loud “thank yous” after.