Things to do during lockdown/isolation

What can we do to amuse ourselves while we self-quarantine? Some people are lucky enough to be able to work remotely while many, can’t.

The novelty of not going to work usually wears away after a couple of days to a week. Especially after you’ve tackled all the chores that were forever on your list of things to do. So here are some suggestions from someone who is used to self-isolation.

1.Netflix and Chill binge

Do you binge or do you watch an episode at a time? Whichever you belong to, now you have a couple of weeks to watch to your heart’s delight. just don’t forget to take a shower once in a while.

2. Learn something new by signing up on a new online course

A couple of weeks are more than enough to learn something new. Various offerings from Udemy, Coursera and Creative Live (these are the ones I personally use) are short courses and affordable.

3. Start a craft project

Whether it is scrapbooking, knitting to pottery, spending time to create something with your own hands is vastly rewarding.

4. Read!

Whether you are a book or a comic reader, it is time to sit and enjoy the works of your favourite author and explore new worlds!

5 Rearrange your interior

Once I was really, really bored and couldn’t think of anything to do. I started looking at the room I was in. It began with moving a piece of small furniture followed by the desk and the next thing I knew, I’ve completely rearranged my daughter’s room! She wasn’t happy when she got back and put it back to how she liked it at the weekend. If you miss your gym visits, then this one is an alternative. LOL

6 Gardening

It’s spring! The garden needs some attention so why not? And if you live in a flat without a garden, use pots!

7 Train your pet

It does not matter whether you have a dog, cat, bird, hamster or donkey! Challenge yourself and pet to a new trick!

8 Start a DIY project

There’s always something that needs to be done at home, so, why not tackle a bit of home improvement?

9 Learn a new language

And why not? There’s a lot of resources to help you including Alexa who is my pronunciation partner. I am learning Korean btw.

10 Play video games with your friends remotely

There’s a lot of games available now and it’s not only for the younger generation. Do you like trivia games? How about a one vs one game on Trivia Crack? Or a scrabble game with your group of friends?

11 Marie Kondo your wardrobe

It’s a good excuse to get rid of the old and make space for the new.

12 Have that long-distance chat with your relative/friend

Might as well do it. For £5 you can talk for hours using Skype.

13 Try cooking something new

Well, since we can’t dine in restaurants why not try cooking something new? I am tempted to try cooking a medieval dish.

14 Dance to the music!

You need to exercise anyway, why not blast your favourite music and wiggle a little bit?

15 Play a game

Did you suddenly remember that you have a games console hidden under the telly? Well, since hubby is around, I can challenge him to a game of Wii racing. At least once will do!

16 Sort out the photos on your phone, computer and cloud!

You only need a couple of days to cull the horrible looking ones, promise! Then look for a free photo printing offer to sign up to and get your pictures printed for free!

17 Tidy up your online profile

Search your name online and archive content that you don’t like anymore, upload a better picture, block annoying people…

18 Get baking

If you have an accessible supply of flour, eggs and milk, baking is something one can do to entertain one’s self. If your local supermarket always run out of stock, forget it. 😛

19 Spa yourself!

When was the last time you had a good soak or spent 15 minutes with a facemask, or a manicure/pedicure…?

20 Update your curriculum vitae

Because who knows? you might feel inspired to change job.

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