Hello! I am Ghene and this is my family’s blog about food, places, hobbies and activities that we like. I am married to a geek who share my fascination with technology. We have two children and a couple of robots.

I am a photographer and a maker. I am still trying to find a better way to share all of the things I love to make and do, so please bear with me.

My love for photography started at a very young age, I was encouraged by my parents to capture life as I saw it. It became a full blown passion when I got married and it still is today. [Snowdon Photography]

I also love making things that interest me. It is an odd hobby but it allows me to learn different skills. It started when I was in year 6, when I attended weekend classes to learn dressmaking. I think my mother sent me to those classes because she wanted me to learn to make my own clothes. I was fascinated with fashion but we couldn’t really afford it. Fastforward to the present day, I am currently learning how to 3D design via an online course. My shop [ HANDIGIFT ] sells all my creations, from the handmade accessories to my own 3d printed designs and photography.

I hope you find something interesting here. Enjoy and see you around 🙂

x Ghene

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