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Chocolate & chestnut cookies

When you love cookies like we do, you get curious on how they are made. I am not talking about the ready to cook packets. There’s always not enough of cookies made with those. So this weekend, my little monsters and I baked our first batch of cookies together and I think it won’t be our…

Mad Hatter’s shrunken hat

My son’s school project was a hat… any hat! Since I have some excess paper from my craft projects, I thought that it’d be fun for my son to do something silly. The top hat is easy to make, very versatile and it is perfect for crazy ideas.   I found the pattern online from…


You can still use it..

We got over 15 of these gift wrapping papers from the charity shop. They won’t be able to sell any with broken packaging and since it is still useable, I took these home. I cut off about 5 inches from the end and the rest are in perfect condition! With children, wrapping paper is a…

M1’s New Bedroom

The first bedroom to actually look finished is my son’s bedroom. Initially we planned our colour-scheme and the furniture wish list. Our mood board below was a start, an inspiration. But the reality is always different. M1 actually loves the folding bed we temporarily gave him. It is bigger than his previous bed and firm….

Pop-up toy for boys : Alien Space Station

We got this for our son when he was still around 3 or 4 years old. Five years on, he still loves it. When he is in the mood, he opens this up and creates a whole new adventure for the alien characters. Cowboys & Aliens have nothing compared to his Aliens & GI Joe…


I’ve decided to separate tweets for photography and tweets for personal, craft , recipe and other stuff.  Basically for anything other than photography, you will find me on www.twitter.com/MrsSnowdon or just add @MrsSnowdon on twitter.  

Living Room, Before & After

I hadn’t realised that I’ve not posted the before and after shots of our living room since we moved in. It has changed a lot. First, we’ve separated the living and dining room. Then we ripped off the carpet and wall paper. Painted the whole interior white and put cream tiles. We wanted something that…

Chocolate Beetroot cake

A friend of mine who is a great cook brought this when she came for a visit. It is the most scrummiest cake I’ve ever tasted. I do not know how she did it but if she ever does post the recipe on her blog, you must try it. Shalimar Orlanes

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