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New Moon, my review

Before I start, I must say that I did not like the adaptation of Twilight at all. Having read the books several times over, some scenes did not come out as I imagined them to be. Yeah, visually – things are great but the story was not what I read, Twilight the movie was another…

Little image maker

A video of my little girl just after her introduction to her camera. She wants us (her brother and me) to pose our tongues out. 😀 So cute!

My reading corner…

I had some time to get things tidy yesterday and I am so glad I did too! It is very frustrating to want to live in a nice house but not enjoy it because you can’t keep up with the masters of mess and mayhem, my kids!  This corner of the house is our reading…

new year spots

My little m2 was greeting with chicken pox for her first week of school. One of her classmates got it and the mum did not even tell the teacher about it.

new year, new bag

This is a small jill-e camera bag.  Its is made of leather and is very stylish – I love it! It comes in three sizes and a variety of colours. You can get the Medium Jill-e bag from Amazon.co.uk for £156.00

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