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Day at the beach

Duka Bay is a gorgeous resort with fine white sand and clear water. It’s a bit of a drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro, but there are accommodations on offer on the main resort for long distance travellers who want to enjoy this paradise. Here’s a short video of us frolicking.

Swimming with the whalesharks in the Philippines

One of the things we really enjoyed in the Philippines was our Whaleshark adventure. It was a sunny, yet windy day and the sea was a bit rough. My daughter wasn’t a very confident swimmer but she still donned the lifejacket and went into the water. You can see us at 1:24 where we were…

Summer Holiday in Cornwall

Summer time is high season in Cornwall and it is bursting with activity. Our trip there started with a very early drive from London. As I am unfamiliar with the roads, I do not like to rush, especially with my family in tow. We booked a gorgeously located cottage beside Acton Castle way in advance,…

Cooking with Hello Fresh

Many of the food featured here are from HelloFresh. I’ve been a fan ever since they knocked on my door ages ago. We consider the meals as experiments, a different way to discover something new to eat. Hello Fresh since introduced my family to at least 3 most favourite dishes. These gets cooked again at…

How to keep the shower glass clear

Living in an area with hard water means that you have to keep an eye on your appliances and to use special products to keep things from degrading. Hard water is water with high mineral content. Hard water can cause a build-up calcification in showers and faucets and the formation of lime scale in kettles,…

Philippines Holiday

We went to the Philippines last Christmas and it was fun! Took a while to share the pictures but here they are 🙂 Taken by phone & camera… So our itinerary includes visiting local spots, spending time with family trying out food.  Looking forward to next trip 🙂    


In my previous post about repelling cats, I did not include the motion-activated deterrents like this ScareCrow as I haven’t tried it then. And since, I succumbed and got one to try especially when there’s a couple of special offers available. What it does is spray water when the sensor is triggered. I have a…

Repelling Cats from the garden

I love mucking about in my garden, I have edible plants out there and I would really like them to stay safe for consumption. Plus, I have a lot of small birds visiting my garden. And the one thing that really annoys me are the neighbour’s cat fouling. My hubby has had enough picking up…

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