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Woodford Craft Market

Woodford Craft Market is first and foremost to help raise funds for the church and the hall. They need it to maintain and repair these places so it is available for the local community to use.

Halloween is upon us!

It’s almost Halloween! Are you going to go trick or treating or are you going to distribute treats? Whichever you choose, Halloween is a perfect time to indulge in a bit of creative activity.  You don’t have to go crazy on it, a little bit will make the littlest trick or treaters excited 🙂 This…

DIY Home Ideas | Hanging Lights

Sometimes our search for the unique and beautiful pieces for our homes can be frustrating. Either the said item is non-existent or way out of our budget. So, I’d like to share some ideas and inspirations for hanging lights to make with the help of a qualified electrician of course or to buy. My favourite is…

Mad Hatter’s shrunken hat

My son’s school project was a hat… any hat! Since I have some excess paper from my craft projects, I thought that it’d be fun for my son to do something silly. The top hat is easy to make, very versatile and it is perfect for crazy ideas.   I found the pattern online from…

You can still use it..

We got over 15 of these gift wrapping papers from the charity shop. They won’t be able to sell any with broken packaging and since it is still useable, I took these home. I cut off about 5 inches from the end and the rest are in perfect condition! With children, wrapping paper is a…

M1’s New Bedroom

The first bedroom to actually look finished is my son’s bedroom. Initially we planned our colour-scheme and the furniture wish list. Our mood board below was a start, an inspiration. But the reality is always different. M1 actually loves the folding bed we temporarily gave him. It is bigger than his previous bed and firm….

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