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Stuck indoors with the kids: a parents survival guide

The upcoming school lockdown is both a source of relief and stress for parents, especially those with young children. Relief because they will be relatively safe from infection and stress because we will all be stuck inside with them and are we really prepared? Do we really have a limited option or do we need…

Things to do during self-isolation

What can we do to amuse ourselves while we self-quarantine? Some people are lucky enough to be able to work remotely while many, can’t. The novelty of not going to work usually wears away after a couple of days to a week. Especially after you’ve tackled all the chores that were forever on your list…

When I became a mum.

I was in my mid-twenties when my baby was born, thousands of miles away from my family with only my husband and a handful of friends to support me. There were some challenges but it’s okay. I’ve always looked back to my life experiences to help me face whatever life threw at me. I was…

Woodford Christmas Market 2019

I am organising the Christmas Craft Market again this year, it will be at the Memorial Hall and will have 30 selected makers. It’s a great time to shop for gifts, some of our local makers will custom make items too. If you are a maker and would like to join, the application form is…

Mama’s Kubo restaurant

On a whim, my friend Shalimar (a chef) and I decided to check this previously unknown (to us) Filipino restaurant. I am not picky, but I do appreciate a well-made dish. First impressions on the place: As soon as we went inside, we got the impression of a well thought out space. There’s a touch…

Woodford Craft Market

Woodford Craft Market is first and foremost to help raise funds for the church and the hall. They need it to maintain and repair these places so it is available for the local community to use.

The Amazing Chocolate Workshop

There’s this pop-up shop in Westfield Stratford with quirky chocolates, they just opened there 3 days ago. Unique and quirky things will always catch my attention and having stumbled on this little stand, I was over the moon! So we checked everything out and I was told that for some of their creations, they use…

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate family and share good tidings. So, from my family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous new year! Love, the Snowdon Family  

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