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Quorn stir-fry with Lemongrass & turmeric marinade

When I was sent the Lemongrass & Turmeric marinade by Worldfoods to try, I made a different version of stir-fry using Quorn Chicken style pieces. The family loved the dish so much the marinade was added to the shopping must haves. As I more often than not, experiment on stir-fry dishes. They are all different…

Italian cuisine at Amici

Amici Pizzeria on 367 Holloway Road has been in the area for 20ish years as the waiter told me. However, they recently re-decorated the interior with a warm, simple and modern look. My friend told me that they do a £4.99 lunch special with drink included. Since I was in the neighbourhood for a shoot,…

New Moon, my review

Before I start, I must say that I did not like the adaptation of Twilight at all. Having read the books several times over, some scenes did not come out as I imagined them to be. Yeah, visually – things are great but the story was not what I read, Twilight the movie was another…

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