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Science Project | 3D Animal Cell

My son came home with a science homework he doesn’t want to talk about as he doesn’t know where to start it. Although one of my hopes as a parent is for him to be independent, free thinking and so on which is true for some things, but for this I thought he needed a…

M2’s Philosophy Homework

My daughter was given a task to create artwork for their philosophy book. I wanted to show her that she doesn’t need to draw every design work she receives. Using a bit of imagination, I showed her that playing with words and fonts will work. From her messy sketches to these ones…     Which…

Homework | 1960’s & 1970’s toys

Here is one of the old toys I am planning to present for my homework. The toys were stored in the attic at least 25 years. I am still trying to convince my parents to let me take one to school but I doubt it since they too love these old toys. DDA

Homework | Food Revolution

We were asked to make a video for Food Revolution. Here is my video, made with the help of my mum Ghene Snowdon

Homework | Sound travels

This is my topic homework. We used the Noise Sniffer app to measure the noise levels.

Mad Hatter’s shrunken hat

My son’s school project was a hat… any hat! Since I have some excess paper from my craft projects, I thought that it’d be fun for my son to do something silly. The top hat is easy to make, very versatile and it is perfect for crazy ideas.   I found the pattern online from…

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