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Banana Cake

Your bananas have been neglected, there are dark patches on the skin already and the top bit is dry. Don’t throw them away, if the inside is still bruise free (or only have small bruises), then you can make a cake! This recipe serves 4-8 Ingredients : 2 very ripe bananas, mashed (32p) 125g butter…

M1 & M2’s Ramen dinner

Packaged ramens aren’t healthy but it did keep a lot of students alive during the course of their studies (hubby included) so I think it’s only fair to show the kids how to make one without making it soggy. M1 & M2 chose their fave flavours and each spent time boiling the exact amount of…

Spiced port and creamy lentils on a plate

Spiced pork with creamy lentils & tortillas

Colder weather calls for warm and filling food. The spiced meat can be made hotter or milder, up to you. The creamy lentils tempers the heat well. I love the creamy lentils and tortillas, it’s so yummy! I won’t hesitate making more creamy lentils, just so I can finish off the pack of tortillas 🙂…

Baby back ribs on a plate

Baby Back Ribs

I’ve always loved making “barbecue” baby back ribs, it’s messy and yummy. However I do think that it shouldn’t be called BBQ as it is oven cooked. This recipe is a product of laziness. My excuse is “it was too late to go to the shop to get the exact ingredients” knowing that there is a…

Creamy Carrot and Coriander Soup in a bowl

Creamy Carrot and Coriander Soup

Need something quick, filling  and healthy for the coming cold winter season. I think making a creamy soup will do the trick 🙂 Carrots and coriander are regulars in my fridge, that’s why I decided to try and make soup out of them. They’re perfect for quick stir fries, broth and salad. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo carrots,…

Hong Kong Style Sweet & Sour Chicken

A really popular takeaway dish that’s easy to make. We never get a consistent sweet and sour from the various takeaway places we tried. So after I found the recipe, it’s only a matter of when to make it. One of my children’s favourite dishes, this one is easy to make and with few ingredients. No…

Roasted Chicken with Pancetta & Lentils

This is a yummy, filling and lactose free dish which is very quick to cook Ingredients: 4 chicken thighs 4 springs thyme 1 medium sized carrot 1 medium sized onion 2 celery stick 1 pack green beans 3 tbsp chopped parsley 1 tin lentils 1 pack pancetta 1 bay leaf Instructions: Pre-heat oven to 220ËšC…

Spicy Beef & Beans Mexican Broth

Here’s something new to make. A filling dish with a kick. It is good to try a new dish from time to time. Serving  the same dish regularly no matter how spaced out it is can be boring. So here’s one dish you’d never think we will try to make considering we don’t eat spicy food….

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