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When you’re on a tight budget

Years ago, in another country and before I met my amazing husband and before I got my second job, I lived for several weeks in a hostel (I was homeless for a month or two) and the state gave me an allowance, I can’t remember exactly how much but it was enough to pay for…

Easy Blackberry Jam

If you are lucky to have some berry bush laden with fruit closeby, then this might interest you. We love picking wild berries from the forest and this year, it was a bountiful harvest. As we still have homemade mead we decided to make our harvest into jam. This should last up to a year if…

Chocolate & chestnut cookies

When you love cookies like we do, you get curious on how they are made. I am not talking about the ready to cook packets. There’s always not enough of cookies made with those. So this weekend, my little monsters and I baked our first batch of cookies together and I think it won’t be our…

Chocolate Beetroot cake

A friend of mine who is a great cook brought this when she came for a visit. It is the most scrummiest cake I’ve ever tasted. I do not know how she did it but if she ever does post the recipe on her blog, you must try it. Shalimar Orlanes

Quorn stir-fry with Lemongrass & turmeric marinade

When I was sent the Lemongrass & Turmeric marinade by Worldfoods to try, I made a different version of stir-fry using Quorn Chicken style pieces. The family loved the dish so much the marinade was added to the shopping must haves. As I more often than not, experiment on stir-fry dishes. They are all different…

Prawn & rocket pasta

This is another quick and easy dish. It is tasty and healthy too! You need: 150g linguine 200f fresh or frozen prawns – peeled 75ml dry white wine – make that good quality white wine 2cloves garlic – thinly sliced 2 tsp olive oil small pack of rocket salad 1/4 tsp mild chili or chili…

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