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So we have this Coronavirus pandemic that is rampaging the whole world that continues to spread. Check out live tracking of the virus.With hundreds of thousands infected worldwide and thousands dead. What do you know about it? It is a pandemic that started in Wuhan, China and spread around the world. It affects the lungs…

When I became a mum.

I was in my mid-twenties when my baby was born, thousands of miles away from my family with only my husband and a handful of friends to support me. There were some challenges but it’s okay. I’ve always looked back to my life experiences to help me face whatever life threw at me. I was…

When your bank calls..

I just had a phone call from “my bank” today. And having seen those adverts about some fraudsters tactics, I erred on the safe side when the question changed and told the guy I am calling them back. Stories abound about people getting scammed of their hard earned savings, so here are some advice to…

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