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Build your own 3d printed camera

Have you ever thought about building your own camera? The thought came to mind a long time ago when I was in high school, but the difficulty was not only the cost but also the availability of the materials, also, 3D printers didn’t exist back then. Plus, with a fisherman as breadwinner, my family was…

Photographer Gifts

Creative gifts for photographers

Photographer gifts are a bit tricky. That is because what you get for your favourite photographers depend on their camera brand, what lenses they have and favourite subjects to shoot. So unless it is specifically requested, leave the gear related items up to them and just give them gift vouchers or something. Saying that, there’s…

Chicken with Coconut milk, spicy version.

This is a more flavourful version of the Ginataang Manok recipe I posted a while back. Just replace the sweet bell pepper with mild chillis and the snowpeas with 2 lemon grass. Add more ginger too!

Up the stairs to Chateau Grimaldi in Haut de Cagnes village

One of my favourite places on the French Riviera. It was here that I learnt the French language. The school was located at the food of Haut de Cagnes village. I love the juxtaposition of the new part of town below and the quiet old town on the foreground. It was lucky that this well…

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