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Face masks

Face Masks: sewn, formed & 3D printed

There were several shared posts online about mask-making projects to help protect oneself from the virus (Covid-19). I’ve attempted to make some of them and here’s what I think of them… Copper 3D Mask #hackthepandemic This is a great initiative by Copper 3D which I believe also coincides with the promotion of their anti-microbial PETg…

Flic, the magic button

One shouldn’t shy away from technology, at it’s best, it makes our lives easy. On occasion we see that some people do take advantage and use it for their nefarious deeds. But hey, the more informed we are, the better we can protect ourselves. When my  husband gave me a Pebble smart watch, my favourite…

I love my 3d printer ;)

10months ago, someone posted on Mashable that they are disappointed with the New Matter 3d printer. Well, I was a bit disappointed too then. But being a supporter of new technologies specially the crowdfunded ones, my husband and I learnt to give companies like them some time to improve software and support. Technologies are not that…

Innorobo 2016

Earlier this week we went to Paris to see the robots. There are a lot of robots, some weird, some cute others a bit intimidating. We met and chatted with some of the engineers and designers too. It was very interesting. Then, we met up with my Papa’s friend Carl who was interviewed by the…

Danger bot

My dad takes me to Coding for Kids classes every Saturday and during that time I learn to use scratch. I am not that good yet but I think it’s fun. Here’s what I manage to create. I called it Danger Bot. Please try it and tell me what you think. Thank you. Danger bot…

Homework | 1960’s & 1970’s toys

Here is one of the old toys I am planning to present for my homework. The toys were stored in the attic at least 25 years. I am still trying to convince my parents to let me take one to school but I doubt it since they too love these old toys. DDA

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