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Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle is a 13th century manor house situated close to Corbridge. Secluded behind the woods and beside farm buildings, this is a well preserved building for it’s age. Reading it’s history I was surprised by it’s resilience. It survived wars, was used as a farmhouse and it was abandoned. It is said that this…

Corbridge Roman Town – Hadrian’s Wall

Continuing our explorations, we found ourselves in another Roman town. This is a Roman civilian settlement complete with drainage, streets and aquaduct. My daughter played a soldier hunt here so you will see her posing with those she found. Inside the shop building are the collection found in this site. The most important is the…

Chesters Roman Fort & Museum

M1 inside the museum Chesters Roman Fort was built to house a Roman army garrison who guard to nearby bridge. This is not far from the previous Roman Fort we visited. This fort is managed by the English Heritage. Behind M2 was the bathhouse.   Across the Tyne, are the ruins of the bridge We…

Journey up North & Hadrian’s Wall

This summer, we drove to Scotland. But before reaching our destination, we stopped by Northumbria to check out Hadrian’s Wall. The journey up was long. I chose to drive on the east site of the island instead of taking the motorway all the way up. Snowdon Family on Hadrian’s Wall, Housesteads Roman Fort & Museum…

Hitchin’s Lavender Fields

When we went to Hitchins there wasn’t a lot of lavender in the fields yet. I think that they’ve all bloomed now. We like to go there to enjoy the view, take pictures and pick flowers. It is huge and the kids are free to run around (without the scissors). They would go to one…

The Secret Nuclear Bunker

Well, it was secret until the 90’s, it was decommissioned in 1992. The bunker is located in Kelvedon Hatch in Brentwood, Essex. It’s an interesting place to visit especially when one of the kids is fascinated with military, war and weapons. Below are the images from our trip. Thoughts: This place is a fascinating piece…

Cable Car Experience

It is just to cross the river but from up there you have a great view of this part of London. There was a huge queue to get on the cable car so to pass the time, the kids and I was monkeying around a bit. Much to their father’s mortification (or annoyance, we couldn’t tell….

Red Dog’s Adventures at Wrest Park

Wrest Park, an English Heritage property near Luton (Bedfordshire). Known for it’s pretty gardens.

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