Chicken with Coconut milk, spicy version.

This is a more flavourful version of the Ginataang Manok recipe I posted a while back. Just replace the sweet bell pepper with mild chillis and the snowpeas with 2 lemon grass. Add more ginger too!

Up the stairs to Chateau Grimaldi in Haut de Cagnes village

One of my favourite places on the French Riviera. It was here that I learnt the French language. The school was located at the food of Haut de Cagnes village. I love the juxtaposition of the…

When I became a mum.

I was in my mid-twenties when my baby was born, thousands of miles away from my family with only my husband and a handful of friends to support me. There were some challenges but it’s okay….

Woodford Christmas Market 2019

I am organising the Christmas Craft Market again this year, it will be at the Memorial Hall and will have 30 selected makers. It’s a great time to shop for gifts, some of our local makers…


Here is a snack from my home-province in Northern Mindanao, it is often mistaken as sweet tamales because it is wrapped like tamales. But the Binaki have no filling and is sweeter. It is commonly sold…


One of the best-loved breakfast in the Philippines. It is perfect to make on cold days and best served shared with family and/or friends. What makes this rice porridge special is the addition of the tabléa….

Mama’s Kubo restaurant

On a whim, my friend Shalimar (a chef) and I decided to check this previously unknown (to us) Filipino restaurant. I am not picky, but I do appreciate a well-made dish. First impressions on the place:…

Woodford Craft Market

Woodford Craft Market is first and foremost to help raise funds for the church and the hall. They need it to maintain and repair these places so it is available for the local community to use.

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