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Summer Holiday in Cornwall

Summer time is high season in Cornwall and it is bursting with activity. Our trip there started with a very early drive from London. As I am unfamiliar with the roads, I do not like to rush, especially with my family in tow. We booked a gorgeously located cottage beside Acton Castle way in advance,…

Philippines Holiday

We went to the Philippines last Christmas and it was fun! Took a while to share the pictures but here they are 🙂 Taken by phone & camera… So our itinerary includes visiting local spots, spending time with family trying out food.  Looking forward to next trip 🙂    

Chesters Roman Fort & Museum

M1 inside the museum Chesters Roman Fort was built to house a Roman army garrison who guard to nearby bridge. This is not far from the previous Roman Fort we visited. This fort is managed by the English Heritage. Behind M2 was the bathhouse.   Across the Tyne, are the ruins of the bridge We…

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