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Woodford Craft Market

Woodford Craft Market is first and foremost to help raise funds for the church and the hall. They need it to maintain and repair these places so it is available for the local community to use.

Richmond Park Deer

Richmond Park Deer

We went to Richmond Park yesterday because my mum wanted to shoot deer. So we got woken up at 5.30AM! But since my brother is so sleepy we get to leave at 6.30am plus had to wait for the petrol station to open since we were literally out of petrol much to my mum’s declining…

The last British Military Tournament

Note: This is a repost as my mother accidentally deleted the original post. The last event was December 8,2013. She edited some pictures for me to add as well!  My parents took me and my sister to Earl’s Court to see the British Military Tournament. My papa told us that he remembered his parents taking…

Royal Artillery Museum

The Royal Artillery Museum is now permanently closed which is unfortunate, we were told that it was because Greenwich Council sold the place for development. Which is very unfortunate as the collection was precious. Only 2 days before closing and they received confirmation that one of their “unknown” displays was the gun used to blast the…

The Shard

Just celebrated my 3* birthday and hubby treated me to a trip up the Shard. I love places with views and as I haven’t been to this one yet so why not? To see the View is expensive (like everything in London) so it is best to get everything covered from the group shots, the views,…

Cable Car Experience

It is just to cross the river but from up there you have a great view of this part of London. There was a huge queue to get on the cable car so to pass the time, the kids and I was monkeying around a bit. Much to their father’s mortification (or annoyance, we couldn’t tell….

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