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Here is a snack from my home-province in Northern Mindanao, it is often mistaken as sweet tamales because it is wrapped like tamales. But the Binaki have no filling and is sweeter. It is commonly sold on the streets and in markets but sometimes, lucky villages have roaming binaki vendors shouting at the top of…


One of the best-loved breakfast in the Philippines. It is perfect to make on cold days and best served shared with family and/or friends. What makes this rice porridge special is the addition of the tabléa. Tabléa are discs of concentrated cacao, like 100% dark chocolate 🙂 Tabléa can be made into a drink too,…

Mama’s Kubo restaurant

On a whim, my friend Shalimar (a chef) and I decided to check this previously unknown (to us) Filipino restaurant. I am not picky, but I do appreciate a well-made dish. First impressions on the place: As soon as we went inside, we got the impression of a well thought out space. There’s a touch…

Day at the beach

Duka Bay is a gorgeous resort with fine white sand and clear water. It’s a bit of a drive from the city of Cagayan de Oro, but there are accommodations on offer on the main resort for long distance travellers who want to enjoy this paradise. Here’s a short video of us frolicking.

Swimming with the whalesharks in the Philippines

One of the things we really enjoyed in the Philippines was our Whaleshark adventure. It was a sunny, yet windy day and the sea was a bit rough. My daughter wasn’t a very confident swimmer but she still donned the lifejacket and went into the water. You can see us at 1:24 where we were…

Philippines Holiday

We went to the Philippines last Christmas and it was fun! Took a while to share the pictures but here they are 🙂 Taken by phone & camera… So our itinerary includes visiting local spots, spending time with family trying out food.  Looking forward to next trip 🙂    

Alejandra Hotel, Philippines

On my last trip from my hometown to Manila, I stayed in Alejandra Hotel which is situated in Zobel Roxas, Makati City. The location Zobel Roxas street is in the outskirts of Makati City, the Philippines’ business hub. It is still a short distance from major shopping malls (with boutiques and restaurants), museum, parks and…

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